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John 17:3 - Think Forever Today

“This is eternal life: that they may know you, the only true God, and the one you have sent —Jesus Christ.”

Often, we think of eternal life as something far off; a promise for the future of which we can catch, at best, a shadowy glimpse. A sweetness which can only be tasted after enduring the bitterness of a fallen world and the sting of death. But as Jesus prepared for his own death, He held a clear and present image of eternity in mind.

In John chapter 17, Jesus prayed to the Father, knowing his betrayal was near, and said eternal life is this: knowing God and the one He sent - which is Himself.

This is the moment eternity came to us!

By conquering death, Jesus gave us a way to know God NOW. Eternal life is not some nebulous future prospect, but a current reality for everyone who knows Him.

Believer, remember this today: you are now, in this moment, partaking in eternal life, purchased for us on the cross by Jesus Christ. And soon, you will see Him face-to-face.

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Mark Mayers
Mark Mayers
Apr 11


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